Get all this lovely stuff under one roof click here
Candy stripes lovely jubbly click here

Yabaaaa dabba doooooo found a frikin e-shop selling Jeremy's stuff I would like the yellow and black crop top please...actually I want all of it...thank you very much. click here
Jeremy Scott I fucking LOVE YOU get this stuff now before it goes!!!!!!click here
 Cool shapes click here


Funny legs click here
Walking through Liverpool Street station today I found a woman selling these specially dyed 'Happy Roses' I don't know if everyone's seen them before but I thought they were amazing and picked some up for my lovely Mum. You can order some online here
Really sweet and pretty cheap vintage inspired dresses and cozzies 
Yes I want a giant ashtray in the shape of a cigarette. Yes I also want various lighting made out of plastic's just a question of how many more mental nik naks can I put in my flat before people decide not to come over anymore...

Lovely wibbily wobbly ceramics click here
You could probably make these lovely little things very easily but if you're a bit lazy like me click here
Just some garters.What of it? They're excellent click here
Don't know why...just love here

Yes yes yes!

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